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 Post subject: The Spain Train - How it all began ...
PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:36 pm 

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Firstly, HELLO and welcome to the official blog of @TheSpainTrain. I am going to try and post a blog every week, this will include my up and coming tips, a little bit of banter & eventually a P&L indicator for the world famous OFFICIAL Spain Train bet. I’m going to start by explaining a little bit about myself and how TheSpainTrain came about.

My real name is Nick, I’m 27 years old and have been gambling for the past 10 years. Like every gambler I have had my ups and downs, my big wins and big losses as well as my tears of joy and tears of regret. But like every good gambler I’ve never given up. A wise man once told me "the bookies can take your money your house your dignity and your trousers but they can never take your freedom" and I have lived by these words ever since.

I started gambling around 10 years ago, I vividly remember my first ever bet, the date 2/1/2002 I recall running into the pub to greet my friends waving a StanJames betting slip in the air and smashing it down on the table. "Lads today the drinks are on me" it was the start of something special, the start of the false believe that this is easy money or printing money as it is more commonly phrased. The match hadn’t even kicked off yet but I believed the cash was already in my pocket. The bet was for Manchester United to beat Newcastle United the odds were evens and the stake was £45 to win £90. Manchester United won 3-1 - an opener from RVN and a brace from Scholes saw 90 of the queens faces hit my back pocket, a sense of accomplishment and excitement and a clear path on what (I thought) the future held for me and my new "job"

Since this day I’ve continued to gamble on a regular basis, I started with big accumulators, betting £20 stakes on anything from 5/10 teams seeking for that big pay-out, that one win that would change my life. I remember one time I had a 9 team accumulator with a £20 stake most of which were dead certs, each game came in easily one after the other leaving me with Real Madrid VS Real Zaragoza in the 03/04 Cope Del Ray cup final. Of course I had the favourites, Real Madrid to win in 90 minutes to complete my Acca and make me £2010 richer. Of course they drew 2-2 with Zaragoza going on to lift the trophy winning 3-2 AET. A bad day at the office.

The next chapter in my gambling "career" saw me leave my job and pursue this as a way of obtaining a regular income. At this stage I would only bet cash in the bookies and I would only bet big. I was betting £200 doubles on the top Premiership and Championship matches, normally giving odds of around evens. This was going well, until I turned greedy (I was young, I had no responsibilities, who wouldn’t?!) I had a few wins and was at one stage hoarding a good few thousand under my bed. At this stage of my gambling life I was good at predicting winners and winning bets but I had not yet mastered the art of the all-important "bank roll" an aspect of gambling that is the downfall of many a good man. For those of you not familiar with the term "bank roll" this basically means knowing when to cash in your money. So for example if you win £500 on a bet you don’t bet £500 on the next match. You learn to withdraw enough to always keep your bank balance healthy. It doesn’t mean that you withdraw everything that you win straight away (like my girlfriend insists I do) it means withdrawing enough to keep your bank manager happy and enough to continue betting without having to withdraw additional funds. Anyway I have moved away from my original story. After winning a substantial amount my naivety and my obsessive quest for the "big pay-out" saw me move from £200 doubles up to £500 doubles at the blink of an eye. In this particular season Arsenals odds were very generous (normally when it’s too good to be true it is too good to be true. Always remember the bookies pay professionals to research this, me sitting reading the Daily Mail is not on the same level) so I decided to place these in the majority of my bets. This was the season where Arsenal (the beginnings of the Wenger decline) lost/drew against teams such as Hull, Fulham, Sunderland, Villa and Burnley but proceeded to win or draw against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United (not good when I was backing the team against Arsenal when they were coming up against the top 4) My substantial profit I had slowly built up soon dwindled away. This only enhancing my intense hatred for Arsenal and Mr Wenger.

Moving on, around 5 years ago, on one fateful day a day, a day that changed the way I looked at gambling forever. I accidently stumbled across a bet that I’d never seen before, a bet so simple, so fun, so for football. The real beauty of this particular bet is in essence you are just cheering on football, celebrating the beautiful game, encouraging attacking football the way the sport should be played. Anyone who uses this bet will know what I mean, you can be watching a game not wanting any team to win but just celebrating every goal no matter who scored it! The bet of course is for over 2.5 goals. Since that day 5 or so years ago I have never looked back, this is easily my bet of choice, my secret weapon against the bookie. When I first discovered this bet the bookies had not quite cottoned on to the fact that both Barcelona and Real conceded at least 1 goal every game and proceeded to score 5 themselves. These two giants of the Over 2.5 goal bet were being given odds of evens or 4/5 at worse, I managed to get away with this for a good couple of years before the bookies began to realise and significantly change their odds whenever these two teams were involved. You are now lucky to get 1/3 on any game involving these two. Another team that is close to my heart (purely for the Over 2.5 goal bet) is MK dons, it seems every one of their games ends either 2-1, 1-2 or 3-1.

This brings me nicely onto the main reason I set up TheSpainTrain, the main reason I decided to spread the word on my gambling heroics. It's time to introduce you to a bet I've named THE SPAIN TRAIN. This bet did not come to me by accident; this bet was found by putting in a lot of hours researching the way the Spanish play and the difference between the way La Liga and the Premiership matches panned out. Put simply, the bet involves placing 2 bets (however much you can afford to stake) 1 for all the games on Saturday to be over 2.5 goals and 1 for all the games on Sunday to be over 2.5 goals (La Liga split their fixtures up, 4 play on Sat and 5 play on Sun or visa versa and there is a game on Monday night). This usually see's odds ranging from 15/1 to 40/1 for each of the days. The reason this bet is now possible is due to the fact that Last season saw a change in La Liga, for the first time since I can remember they changed the times and days of certain matches. Before you would always find Barcelona and Real Madrid playing on the same day, commonly on Sunday evenings one followed by the other. Last season they changed by separating both Barcelona and Real putting one to play on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. Why does this matter? because these two teams have the worse odds for over 2 no matter who they are playing, giving the Sunday bet no value. Obviously the exception to this is the EL CLASSICO!! When we go nuts anyway! Over 2 goals, Over 10 cards over 10 corners it’s all a gold mine. This bet is so simple, so fun and so rewarding. The Spanish games are spread out throughout the day starting at around 10 AM and finishing at around 11PM meaning going the distance gives you 13 hours of gambling!

I know you people want facts, you want me to back up what I’m saying with numbers and proof that this bet works. Well here it goes, this bet WILL NOT win every week. In fact it losses more than it wins HOWEVER with those odds you can afford to lose a few times! Because when it hits it rewards generously. Last year I started placing this bet around half way through the season, in 20 weeks, I won about 5/6 times and came 1 goal away a further 3/4 times. (This did include sometimes jumping back on the Train, for example if the first game finished 2-0 I would get back on the remaining 4) With those wins I finished in some pretty healthy profit and had some great fun along the way!

I’m going to begin to draw this epic tale to an end now but before I do I just want to touch upon some highs and lows of my gambling life so far. Like most gamblers I don’t just stick to football, I’ve had some good times betting on tennis, Wrestling, poker, Big Brother to name a few, pretty much every sport that you can bet on I’ve been there.

These are all stakes not potential winnings!!

LOWS (times that almost brought a tear to my eye)

• Losing £2500 on Roberto Martinez being the next Liverpool Manager
• Losing £2100 on Serena and Federer not winning Wimbledon (Yes I know they won it this year but I placed this bet last year)
• Losing an undisclosed figure on my big doubles involving Arsenal in the 2008 season
• Losing $7000 dollars in the Crown Casino in Melbourne during the Aussie millions Poker tournament
• Coming so so close on too many acca's to mention
• When Mourinho first came to Chelsea I put £100 on Chelsea to win the League cup the League and the Champs league (That season they won the League Cup, the League and got knocked out in the Semi's to Liverpool in the Champions League)
• Having Spain to win the 2012 Euros and Torres to be Top Goal Scorer @ 40/1 as well as having a single bet on Torres to be Top Goal Scorer @ 20/1 - And the bookies paying out 7th odds on Torres because it was purely done on goals scored NOT who won the golden boot (He won the golden boot because he had more assists and played less minutes on the pitch)

HIGHS (times that almost brought a tear to my eye)

• Winning £1000 on Federer and Serena to win Wimbledon (Yes this was when they won Wimbledon, not this year but before)
• Winning £800 on one hand of poker
• Winning £3000 on Spain to win the 2008 Euros and David Villa to be the Top Goal scorer (Yes this was when Spain were the big nearly men before they had won anything)
• Finishing the Euros & Wimbledon £3000 up this year
• Winning a substantial amount on The Spain Train
• Virtually clearing a poker table in a UK casino sweeping nearly £500 profit

What is TheSpainTrain about? What am I looking to achieve? I’m a strong believer in when you lose you only become stronger, I have learnt from every big stake I have lost and every bet I have chased. Fortunately for you, you can inherit this knowledge without experiencing it. They say hindsight is a great thing, well I’m giving you that for free. I will act like the wise man on your shoulder whispering sense when you are about to put £500 on a dead cert horse with no value what’s so ever. Gambling is all about odds, it’s all about winning more than you lose. Yes we will lose some bets but my main aim is to win more than we lose. If we bet sensibly & the correct amounts this will see us all finishing with big profits and you all owing me a drink.

I know this may seem like the ramblings of a mad man, but there is clear method behind my gambling madness. I do honestly believe I know what I’m talking about and with my experience and guidance coupled with getting your bank roll correct I believe we can all win some serious money.

I will end by reiterating what I said earlier. There are no dead certs in betting and I do not claim to be able to predict the future or be able to fund that swimming pool you always wanted. But I can help and guide you in the right direction and help reduce your losses. The 2 most important things to remember is never chase your losses and only gamble what YOU can afford to lose. Stick with these two simple rules, follow my advice, and get out when the time is right and you will be successful.

I’m going to leave you with a cheeky little bet I have called the BBC dead cert – This is a list of the BBC dead certs for the Olympics, please follow the link and have a quick read (I could not find odds for Natalia Ischenko/Svetlana Romashina in the Synchronised Swimming so they have not been included in the bet) It can’t lose, surely… can it?

Hamish Bond and Eric Murray (NZ) - Rowing
US women's basketball team
Michael Phelps (USA) - 200m butterfly
Saori Yoshida (Japan) - Wrestling (women’s)
Katie Taylor (Republic of Ireland) - Boxing
Evgenia Kanaeva (Russia) - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Teddy Riner (France) - Judo
Behdad Salimikordasiabi (Iran) - Weightlifting
Usain Bolt (Jamaica) - men's 100m

Odds – 14/1 with StanJames

Choo Choo !! Everyone aboard The Spain Train, destination CashVille.

“It’s not a bet it’s an investment”

T shirts can be purchased, please contact me for more details - See attachements for photos

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 Post subject: Re: The Spain Train - How it all began ...
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I can't believe you didn't mention the infamous Villareal 9pm Stitch Up in one of your betting lows!

 Post subject: Re: The Spain Train - How it all began ...
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Are you reffering to that fateful night when TheSpainTrain went down to the wire? 4 games ticked, just needing Villareal over 2.5 to scoop a BIG win?

2 goals, 1 goal disallowed, both teams hitting the post and a blatent penalty turned down?

Is this what you are reffering to?

 Post subject: Re: The Spain Train - How it all began ...
PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:54 am 

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This is what I was referring to!

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